Pensions to Retirement

In 2015 in the wake of the latest budget announcements we were approached by PDB Wealth Management to create a consumer facing retirement income website.

The aim of the site was firstly to inform retirees of their new found freedoms but also to drive custom for PDB’s new retirement division. The website was designed to feature as much digestible content as possible in an easy to understand way whilst at the same time giving the retiree the freedom and ability to play with tools to understand outcomes.

The website which is designed to work on any device and any browser takes the user on a journey from their basic options to drilling down to an individual product and making specific selections within that product.

The two most notable features of the site are its ability to generate a bespoke retirement options report in real time for the retiree as well as being able to fully complete a drawdown application through the drawdown journey feature.

As with all of Annuity Exchange’s public facing websites the entire site is underpinned by the AMS Retirement Portal, this means that PDB Wealth Management are able to use AMS Retirement to manage the client, run quotes and make changes to the client information provided without re-entering any data.

Project Pictures

Pictures of this website in action: